Meet the Team

Shelly, Main Dental Assistant

The newest member of our team, Shelly completed an internship at our office while finishing her formal training in dental assisting, and was immediately hired upon graduation. For 10 years, Shelly has been providing superb care to our patients. With her great personality, she makes visiting the dentist pleasant for everyone.  She is happily married and enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters. In the free time she has, she enjoys reading.

Kim, Office Assistant/Dental Assistant

Kim was hired at our office after high school and worked for many years as Dr. Kneisley’s full-time assistant, and now occasionally assists him if needed. Highly skilled and experienced in chairside assisting, Kim now does mostly office work including scheduling appointments and submitting and handling insurance claims. She excels at these tasks as well.  Very friendly and outgoing, Kim is a pleasure to work with and patients enjoy her friendly chat. She is married with two grown children. Her interests include watching movies, gardening, and watching Ohio State football.

Sherri, Office Manager

After completing her dental assistant training, Sherri worked for a pediatric dentist and then an oral surgery group for many years in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As she began raising a family, she became a full-time mom.  Her husband’s job transfer brought her to Hilliard. She and her family became patients of Dr. Kneisley.  She had talked about getting a part-time job, and Dr. Kneisley hired her as a part-time dental assistant. Sherri then joined us as full-time assistant and now she is the office manager.  As the office manager, she handles difficulties with insurance companies and helps individuals with financial arrangements.  Her experience and skill allow her to help our patients understand all aspects of the dental and financial processes. A true “people person,” Sherri enjoys interacting with all of our visitors and getting to know them personally. She is married and has two grown children, and just became a proud grandma.  She has worked for Dr. Kneisley for 25 years. Her hobbies and interests include traveling, cooking, and knitting.