Insurance & Payment Options

Insurance Information

Most dental insurance plans have a yearly maximum available to you.  Many of these maximums reset on January 1st of each year.  If you have not used the money you had available in a given year, it does not “roll over” into the next year, so it disappears.  It is wise to have a dental evaluation at least two months before the year ends to see if any treatment is indicated and can be performed before year’s end.

In addition, many flexible spending plans, where you contribute money tax-free into an account to be used for medical or dental care, are on a yearly basis.  Some carry over, but many are “use it or lose it” each year.  Teeth whitening is usually a legitimate expense and other cosmetic procedures can be paid for through these plans.

We are realistic and understand that personal financial and insurance limitations may limit treatment all at once, so we may perform your treatment in phases. We will perform the most urgent first and postpone less pressing matters in order to maximize utilization of your insurance benefits. This allows you to receive your treatment in an affordable manner.

If you are given a menu of dental plans available through your employer, it can be quite confusing.  We would be happy to analyze your options in light of your dental needs, and give expert advice on which plan would suit you best.  If you are nearing retirement or know you will be losing your dental insurance in the near future, it would be wise to have Dr. Kneisley evaluate your dental conditions and perform what treatment is indicated before your yearly dental benefits end.

We invite you to contact the office of Dr. Kneisley in Hilliard today if you are interested in learning more about your insurance options. When you are ready, we will also be happy to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kneisley so you can begin improving your oral health and smile.